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School Counselors

Personal/Social Resources For Students and Families

Children's Mental Health | Ramsey County

Ramsey County's children's mental health services area coordinates an extensive network of assessment, treatment and supportive services for children and teens with mental health needs.

Community Resources and Ramsey County- Bridge to Safety

Parental Tips For Bullying: PACER

*BCMS does not give formal referrals or endorse any programs. These are simply resources for families.

Career Resources for Students & Families

Xello has replaced Naviance.

Xello is our personal online portfolio where students can explore their interests and develop their plan for after graduation and beyond.

Students will be creating their Personal Learning Plan (PLP) through the Core Counseling Curriculum. The Core Counseling Curriculum includes lessons that focus on social emotional learning, academic skill building and career planning.  Students will also have the chance to work on their Personal Learning Plan through their Foundations class.  When students are responding to these lessons we must remember they are responding in this moment, a "snap shot" at this time. Choices and interests may change over time. Xello will show students how they have grown as they continue through St. Paul Public Schools.

How do Students log into Xelo

  • Students will log in to Xello through Clever. Follow the instructions listed below or in this video to log in to Xello. 

    From an iPad:

    1. Open the Clever app.
    2. Tap 'Log in with Active Directory'.
    3. Enter your Active Directory username and password.
    4. Tap on the Xello app.

    From a computer:

    1. Go to
    2. Click 'Log in with Active Directory'.
    3. Enter your Active Directory username and password.
    4. Select the Xello app.

Khan Academy - Math practice (tutorials)

Khan Academy