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Grading Protocol

Teachers at BCMS grade students based on what they can show they know and have learned. Teachers will be using a 4-point scale to determine the grade to give a student for both assessments and practice and homework. When a student does not do well on an assessment or assignment, he/she will be given one opportunity to re-take or re-do, in order to do better. Students will have each quarter to work to get the best grade possible by showing what it is they have learned.

The grading chart will be as follows:


To access your student's grades:


Through Schoology, you can access your child’s attendance, assignments and grades. Parents/Guardians have a personal password as do students. If you need your password, contact the front office: 651-293-8960 or go to One Stop to recover your password. 

Progress Reports

Progress reports are indicators of current academic performance. They are either mailed home or picked up at your child’s conference. Final grades are mailed home at the end of each quarter.