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Social Studies


The Social Studies Department has created a Professional Learning Community to examine curriculum, student work, and test scores in order to share our collective knowledge and work together to increase student achievement and test scores.

History Classes:

7th grade American History focuses on developing students' historical knowledge and skills. Students learn about historical events from the American Civil War through today. 7th grade students at BCMS reenact history through simulations and hands-on learning activities that allow them to experience historical events from America's past. Students will bomb Fort Sumter, hunt buffalo on the wild plains, mine for gold, migrate west, lose all their money in the stock market crash of 1929, participate in a Civil War battle, and many more exciting events. In addition to these activities, students will also develop their ability to critically think about the important events of our nation's past through historical debates and the examination and evaluation of primary historical documents.

Geography Classes:

In Geography, students will actively engage in the work of a geographer by asking geographic questions and then acquiring, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting geographic information in order to answer geographic questions.This course will use a regional approach to explore the 6 essential elements of Geography: Places and Regions, Physical Systems, Human Systems, Environments and Society, The Spatial World and Uses of Geography in Today’s Society. The content will incorporate a variety of scales – from local to global.