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Battle Creek Middle School offers a wide variety of mathematics classes. Using MCA scores, grades and teacher recommendations, students are placed in math courses that will challenge and motivate them. Each grade level has several available options ranging from 6th grade math to Algebra in 8th grade.

The typical mathematics classroom in the Saint Paul Public Schools is one that is inclusive of regular education students, special education students, English Language learners, and gifted and talented students.  Teachers are aware of the multiple learning styles in their classroom and the instructional practices include group processes as well as direct instruction.  Teachers have the flexibility to use the methods that they feel will best serve their students.

All math classes meet everyday all year long. Typically students will have homework 2-5 nights a week, in addition to their daily in-class requirements. Class work includes whole group lessons, small-group lessons, individual mini-lessons, problem solving, math review and varied hands-on activities.