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Panther Pride Program

Be Punctual

  • Arrive to school on time
  • Be in the classroom when the bell rings

Be Prepared

  • Have all required materials visible at start of class
  • Wear entire uniform appropriately
  • Enter class with the proper attitude
  • Willingness to participate
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Proper mind-set (ready to learn)

Be Polite

  • Listen and Respond Politely:
    • Say "please," "thank you," "excuse me," "hello"
    • Use non-verbals: smile, nod, raise hand
  • Speak Politely
    • Use appropriate language
    • Use calm, quiet tone of voice
    • Wait turn before speaking
    • Don’t put others down
    • Ask appropriate questions (at appropriate time, in proper tone, etc.)
    • Make appropriate requests (at appropriate time, in proper tone, etc.)
  • Move Politely
    • Walk
    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • Respect property of others
    • Respect school property

About Our Program

The Panther Pride Program is a school-wide program to enhance student achievement and school climate. It is to help students achieve by teaching them to be more Punctual, Prepared, and Polite (the 3 P’s). Students and classes are recognized for practicing the 3 P’s through individual and classroom rewards.