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 At our school, we believe middle school is the most exciting part of a student’s education. Students receive a full array of arts, technology, science, social studies and physical education instruction, and teams of two teachers instruct many of our classes, providing extra time and attention for individual students.

Monthly events bring students together to socialize and learn; everyone can participate in free after-school classes in our Panther Extended Program. Student activities and groups reflect the varied cultures and traditions of the beautiful and promising young people at Battle Creek Middle.

Pathway: Battle Creek > Harding * Serves Area C (EAST of 35E)

Battle Creek is no longer a uniform school. See the Dress Code Guidelines for more specific information.

If you have any additional questions or need more information, please feel free to call and speak to an administrator or school counselor at 651-293-8960

At a Glance


  • Serving grades 6-8
  • Enrollment 700
  • Principal: Oulia Yang
  • Hours: 8:30 - 3:00 pm
  • Phone: 651-293-8960

Students Who Identify As:

  • American Indian 1%
  • Asian American 44%
  • African American 25%
  • Hispanic American 16%
  • Caucasian American 6%
  • Two or more Races 8%


Students Who Use:

  • Special Education 19%
  • Free and Reduced Lunch 74%
  • English Language Learning 35%

2017 MCA II Student Proficiency:

  • Grade 6 reading test 28.8%
  • Grade 6 math test 21.8%
  • Grade 7 reading test 26.6%
  • Grade 7 math test 19.9%
  • Grade 8 reading test 33.3%
  • Grade 8 math test 28.8%